Can the United States Stop the March to Self-Destruction?

Can the United States Stop the March to Self-Destruction? By Steve McCann for American Thinker

Since the founding of the nation there has been a consensus that the demise of the United States would not come about by being conquered from without but rather by destroying itself from within.  That consensus about the first-of-a-kind constitutional republic with no history of either monarchical or dictatorial authoritarianism is rapidly becoming a reality.  How did this evolutionary process come to pass, and can it be stopped?

The founders of the United States were well aware that the sins of pride, selfishness, avarice and contention in human nature begin to manifest themselves over time in virtually every society.  And that these characteristics are overwhelmingly prevalent among a small but dominant sector of every society predisposed to subjugate and control their fellow man.  Thus, the founders’ overriding motivation in drafting the Constitution was to mitigate as much as humanly possible the inevitability of a despotic faction attempting to assume unilateral and permanent power.

Nonetheless, over the past half-century a miniscule subset of the American citizenry has nearly achieved unilateral and permanent power in a nation with a multi-century history of freedom and liberty and an unprecedented 75-year period of unparalleled security and prosperity.  This subset of the citizenry, the American left, has done so by manipulating and exploiting a unique idealistic trait in the American character that has manifested itself, either out of guilt, boredom or narcissism, during this same 75-year period.

This unique American trait is a need among far too many in each succeeding generation to achieve relevance by dogmatically and single-mindedly promoting what they perceive to be a society-changing or mankind-rescuing cause.  Many of these single-minded dupes are so focused on their individual causes that they do not care what else the left promotes.  They ignore or dismiss the fact that once the left takes over a cause, they inevitably produce chaos and abandonment of the original intent of the movement.

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