The House Republicans have–guess what–expanded the Federal Surveillance of Americans

The House Republicans have–guess what–expanded the Federal Surveillance of Americans by Paul Craig Roberts 

As I have sadly reported on several occasions, there is no hope in the Republican Party. The only positive about Republicans is that they do not hate white people and, at least not yet, are not actively working to make and keep white Americans second class citizens with less rights under law as the Democrats  do.  But corporations, once identified with Republicans, openly discriminate against white heterosexual gentiles  by refusing to hire and to promote them.. Corporations, such as Starbucks, have announced this policy publicly.  Imagine if they announced such a policy toward blacks. And the dumbshit whites still purchase overpriced Starbucks coffee. White Americans are participants in their own demise.  

There are a few good Republicans.  For example, Jim Jordan, James Comer, Marjorie Taylor Green, and Matt Gaetz in the House.  In the Senate there are Rand Paul, Ron Johnson, Chuck Grassley, but the Republican Establishment will never permit one of them to be Speaker of the House or Majority Leader of the Senate.  The only reason for white Americans to vote Republican is that they don’t hate us, yet. But the ruling establishment is pushing them in that direction.  The goal is to disempower and to replace us.  Try to find a WASP on Wall Street, in the Biden Regime, or as president of an Ivy League university.

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Instead of letting tyranny sunset, the dumbshit House Republicans increased the tyranny under the guise that the country is under attack.  It is, but by Democrats and Woke anti-Americans.

Remember: what resurrected the government’s invasion of our homes and documents–the same practices that caused the colonists to revolt against King George–was the “war on terror.”

The war on terror was a fabrication.  There was  only one “terrorist event,” 9/11.  America’s media has never asked why, with such a successful attack on Superpower America by a handful of Saudi Arabians with box cutters, no other attack ever happened.

There was no war on terror.  The fabrication was used by the neoconservatives, a collection of American Zionists, to launch wars in the Middle East and North Africa against Israel’s enemies.  9/11 was the”new Pearl Harbor” that Zionist neoconservatives repeatedly called for in order to destroy the Arab governments in the Middle East.  These wars were a success until Russian President Putin blocked Obama’s invasion of Syria.

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