Canadian Human Rights Commission Labels Christmas Celebration “Discrimination Grounded In Colonialism”

Canadian Human Rights Commission Labels Christmas Celebration “Discrimination Grounded In Colonialism” BY TYLER DURDEN for Zero Hedge

The cancerous spread of woke ideology into every facet of society and government is more obvious in some places compared to others, but every so often the movement crosses a line and sparks considerable opposition.  In the US, the social justice movement seems to have hit a few snags; numerous companies adopting and promoting ESG related propaganda have been pummeled with successful boycotts, losing billions in profits and in stock value.  Overall public sentiment is quickly turning against major universities as a root source of woke beliefs.  And, government officials pandering to the extreme left are confronted with increasing vitriol from the populace.

It would seem that Canadians are also hitting their limit these days when it comes to the far-left, and it took a thinly veiled attack on Christmas to do it.

Part of the ongoing invasion of the woke movement involves regular attempts to undermine Christian holidays as “problematic” and archaic.  Leftists argue that increasing diversity (mostly through open border policies or illegal immigration) requires increasing inclusion at the national level.  Meaning, it is not for immigrants to adapt to the west, the west must adapt to them.  National celebrations like Christmas are therefore a representation of “discrimination” because they are being given preference over minority holidays.

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This was the message given by the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) in a paper published under the radar in October.  The treatise on “Religious Intolerance” was then condemned in a motion unanimously adopted on Nov. 30 by the House of Commons, the lower chamber of the Canadian Parliament.  The paper cited Christianity’s two biggest holy days (Christmas and Easter) as examples of “present-day systemic religious discrimination” linked to colonialism because they are statutory holidays in Canada.

The CHRC was established by the Canadian government in 1977 and claims to be an “independent” watchdog.  It is empowered under the Canadian Human Rights Act to investigate and to settle complaints of discrimination in employment and in the provision of services within federal jurisdiction.  The group is similar to the ACLU in that its momentum is ever to the deepest reaches of the political left.  Their ideological positions carry weight in the higher echelons of government; for example, their paper attacking Christmas has since been avidly defended by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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