About GNN

Welcome to Gospel News Network! We are honored you are here and hope that you find the environment welcoming and comfortable.

We are all about Jesus Christ and all about serving His kingdom. We have a very simple goal – praise, worship and education. We will keep you up-to-date on all that is happening around the Christian world, not only in the ministry and politics but the Living Word as well. This is being accomplished through daily praise and worship videos, a wide variety of pastoral messages from around the world and daily devotionals that will bring your heart to life.

As our mission work here continues to unfold we will bring experiences to life that are not available on other websites. Anyone can deliver the news, we will deliver the gospel that has you coming back day-after-day. We are just getting started, but the experiences we will be delivering over the coming year will have you laughing, crying and singing His praise.

All praise and glory in His name.