Let’s Call Out the Elites Before It’s Too Late

Let’s Call Out the Elites Before It’s Too Late By  for American Greatness

Decades in the making, a plan is underway to take down the greatest obstacle to totalitarianism the world has ever known: the United States of America

No matter where we look these days, America is suffering.

Our economic strength is gutted as the government blocks energy production, spends trillions it doesn’t have, and weakens the dollar with decades-high inflation. Our national defense is weakened as government officials abandon weapons to the Taliban, sideline soldiers for woke training, and open the border to terrorists and lethal drugs. Our communities suffer with defunded police, a shocking crime wave, school indoctrination, and an outright attack on our freedom of speech.

None of this is hypothetical—it’s all happening right now. And the damage these government officials cause is fully documented. So why are they getting a pass?

Pundits often attribute the government’s assault on America to incompetence, insanity, or mere coincidence. “Washington is run by wackos,” some say. “The president doesn’t have a clue what’s going on,” others add. Meanwhile, any connection drawn between these crises is quickly rejected as “conspiracy theory.”

But something doesn’t feel right about that. There’s simply too much being done to hurt America, by the same people, at the same time for it to be dismissed lightly.

That’s why my valiant researchers and I decided to take a hard look at all we’re being subjected to, how it began, and who is behind it. Speaking with trusted experts across the United States, we combed through historical records and years of research. The inescapable conclusion was as unexpected as it is shocking: What we face today isn’t the result of incompetence, insanity, or even coincidence.

Instead, these crises are happening according to plan.

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