Censorship’s Biggest Cheerleaders Will Always Be Our Corrupt Corporate Media

Censorship’s Biggest Cheerleaders Will Always Be Our Corrupt Corporate Media BY: JORDAN BOYD for The Federalist

GNN Note – If you’ve not listen to the last two episodes of Tucker Carlson, well, you should. It would help with understanding how the CIA has infiltrated our media and is the spearhead of the destruction of our nation.  Tucker: CIA, JFK, FBI and Twitter – Destroying America From Within (Videos)                                                                      / END

Musk’s purge is just a Band-Aid on a gaping societal wound: an inherently anti-free-speech corporate media.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk suspended the accounts of more than half a dozen corporate media mouthpieces on Thursday evening for doxxing. But his intervention affecting the press, which has been taken over by the “woke mind virus” Musk has lamented, is only a Band-Aid over a gaping societal wound: an inherently anti-free-speech media establishment.

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For years, Big Tech censors did the media’s dirty work without accountability or punishment. When the propaganda press cried wolf over ideologies it disagreed with, Big Tech dredged up new policies to justify nuking anyone who spread them. Together, media and Silicon Valley censors cashed in on the lucrative “fact-checking” machine as an effective way to rid the internet of their political enemies.

It was only when Musk nuked The New York Times’s Ryan Mac, The Washington Post’s Drew Harwell, leftist writer Aaron Rupar, CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan, Mashable’s Matt Binder, Micah Lee of The Intercept, Keith Olbermann, and other accounts over the very clear issue of doxxing that members of the corporate media finally got a clue.

“You’re not special because you’re a journalist,” Musk told some of the suspended journos during a Twitter Spaces chat on Thursday night.

The purge evoked screeching and gnashing of teeth by leftist hordes of journalists. Suddenly, the talking heads who spent years building under-the-table relationships with tech’s masters of suppression were powerless on their favorite platform.

“It’s highly unusual for journalists at The Washington Post and The New York Times to have their Twitter accounts suspended,” one female journo whined on the Thursday night Twitter Spaces.

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