The Media, Local, State, Federal Law Enforcement, FBI and DoJ Are Lying About Everything…

The Media, Local, State, Federal Law Enforcement, FBI and DoJ Are Lying About Everything…

The Pelosi house is surrounded, which we already knew was the case, surrounded by surveillance cameras. I would venture to say there may be a couple on the inside as well. We can say with 100% certainty there are at least four cameras on the outside. See below.

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Gay sex with a homeless, border jumper is what was happening, beyond that someone else, within the gay sex orgy would have to provide details. Remember, there was a third person, that has somehow mysteriously disappeared from all reporting. This story is such a disaster, but proves beyond question the communist/democrats are nothing more than one giant projection screen. Whatever they accuse anyone of, rest assured, they themselves are 100% guilty of doing.

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This whole charade is nothing more than a giant distraction. It is the October surprise that has taken no one’s eyes off the moment – not even for a second. They are lying about everything and the curtain has been pulled back far enough that we all see the it for the smoke and mirrors tragicomedy that it is.

Where is the body cam video from the police officers that first arrived, where is the video, which we have ask before, where is the video from the house, the Ring doorbell video, the gas station nearby, the cameras at every stinking intersection, the convenience store and neighbors Ring video cameras. There are probably a dozen or more cameras that should show either a car carrying the homeless border jumper or show him walking into the Pelosi house. They are all lying and we can now see it. The more these satanic-globalist communist attempt to cover up their crimes the more they expose themselves.

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