Have You Heard From Pauly P’s Neighbors?…. Well…

Have You Heard From Pauly P’s Neighbors?…. Well… by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

When you can’t locate a single one of Jeffrey Epstein’s child rapist from the testimony of his “pimp” Giselle Maxwell, but you know the “nudist, prostitute” that attacked Pelosi is a Republican before he is arrested, you might very well be a biased political hack for the communist party.

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It seems, now that we are three and half days removed from the incident, that we would see some sort of video from either inside or outside of the Pelosi home. What about neighborhood Ring doorbell videos? What about cameras at the gas station, intersections or any of the hundreds of other cameras in and around the Pelosi neighborhood? Where is the video? I guess there was a massive malfunction of camera’s in the area. Yeah, that’s it…you know science and data and all like that.

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