Will End Times Deception Slow with Twitter’s New Owner?

Will End Times Deception Slow with Twitter’s New Owner? by James Lasher for Charisma News

Since its founding in 2006, Twitter has become the digital town square for many to voice their opinions and in some cases, alternate facts on the internet.

Twitter started off in similar fashion to YouTube: little regulation and featured a variety of voices on the platform. Yet as it grew in scope and earning potential, authority figures saw how this new medium could be utilized to promote some voices, while curtailing others.

Modern-day Twitter is now viewed as a bastion of leftist and Marxist activists who face little to no punishment for breaking the Terms of Service (TOS). Calls for violence and abuse against conservative politicians, commentators and Christians have gone unpunished for years.

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Meanwhile, Christians have seen their accounts censored vigorously for tweets quoting Bible verses that do not align with far-left talking points.

Some of the notable suspensions and tweet bans that hit Christian and conservative users are Sean Feucht of the “Let us Worship” movement, President Donald Trump, Seth Dillon’s “Babylon Bee,” a satire site that seemed prophetic with some of its articles, professor Jordan Peterson and many more.

The common tactic that the activists who work at Twitter often use is to accuse some users of “hateful conduct,” when in reality they are simply disagreeing with the leftist belief system.

During the COVID lockdowns, even doctors presenting factual evidence against what Dr. Anthony Fauci was feeding to the public were hit with bans.

It was no longer about free speech and town square debates, but the narrative and pushing that narrative forward to the masses.

The Bible warns about End Times deception in the Bible, and Christians worldwide are bombarded with false information on all fronts.

This corrupting of the Word of God has spread worldwide and into the digital world.

Dr. David Jeremiah explains in his blog how the watering down of the gospel can lead others away:

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