Pauly P – Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Attacked…

Pauly P – Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Attacked… by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

Another and another and another update…

Law enforcement officials are still investigating how the alleged assailant, identified by police as 42-year-old David DePape, was able to access the speaker’s home and have not yet assessed a motive.

Paul Pelosi was able to dial 911 himself after telling the intruder he had to go use the bathroom and then calling from there, where his phone had been charging, according to a person familiar with the situation. He was hospitalized after the attack at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, where he successfully underwent surgery to repair a skull fracture and “serious injuries to right arm and hands,” Pelosi spokesperson Drew Hammill said in a statement Friday evening. Source – Politico, not some small time “right-wing conspiracy spreading” website – emphasis ours

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So…let me see if I understand this correctly. A person breaks into Pauly P’s house, begins beating him with a hammer. Pauly P then announces, to the criminal who is supposedly beating him, that he needs to go to the bathroom. The criminal, who just broke into Pauly P’s house and is beating him, agrees to let him go to the bathroom!!!! Seriously?!?!?! Is this how home invasions usually work?

Maybe, just maybe, there’s a lot more to the story. Let’s take a look… two men, late at night in the gayest city in the world, with no women around…Oh, and it’s reported that most of the debris from the broken window was on the OUTSIDE of the house. I’ll just stop right there and let you fill in the blanks.

Actually, here’s another theory, from the alleged criminal, David Depape…


Here’s the first real update…

Depape will reportedly be charged with attempted homicide.


Pauly P, was allegedly attacked in his San Fransisco home in the early part of Friday Oct 28, 2022. We haven’t seen a police report, photos of injuries or any actual evidence to support the claim, so it is alleged until proven to be fact. We are absolutely skeptical of this type of report within two weeks of major election that promises to sweep the democrats off the map.

Of course, the liberal communist media is covering for the democrat communist.

Pauly P was was recently arrested for a DUI that was quickly swept under the rug, evidence kept, for months, from the public and the judge was changed the night before sentencing. All very Pelosi, democrat/communist behavior.

Pauly P was arrested at the end of May 2022 and the dash cam video wasn’t released until after he was sentenced in August 2022. It’s good to be democrat/communist.

Like mother, like daughter.

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