Is a New TikTok Trend Opening a Door to Spirit of Infirmity in Teens?

Is a New TikTok Trend Opening a Door to Spirit of Infirmity in Teens? by Shelby Lindsay for Charisma News

GNN Note – TikTok, a Chinese communist technology, could bounce signals to individuals using 5G technology. This is not magic or “theories” it has been proven…

A woman in Iowa tells @JoeBiden the 5G in the area is making people sick and their “minds are breaking down.”

Biden replies: “There is a lot of debate in the scientific community of whether or not 5G does what you are saying. It should be studied thoroughly…” @CBSNews

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A new trend is spiraling across the social media app TikTok, and some are wondering if it’s causing an influx in anxiety in teenage girls.

Influencers who call themselves ‘Spoonies’ are posting videos of their chronic illness, like anxiety or depression creating communities of people who are struggling with the same problems.

Blogger Christine Miserdino created the ‘Spoon Theory’ back in 2003. Miserdino’s goal was positive. She was trying to explain to a friend at lunch what her life is like living with an invisible illness.

Her theory is that ‘healthy’ people have an unlimited amount of spoons, and those who call themselves ‘Spoonies’ only have a couple spoons and have be cautious on how they use them.

A spoon represents energy and for those suffering chronic illness they only have a limited amount of energy in the day and have to be careful how they use it. For the rest of the population who does not suffer from a hidden chronic disease they have an unlimited amount of energy throughout their day for various activities.

The ‘Spoonies’ trend has resurfaced since 2003 and doctors are concerned how this is affecting teenage girls mental health. Psychiatrists say these groups have created ‘victim mentalities’ among the teenage girls. As they share moments of them crying and at their lowest points they garner massive amounts of views and likes, perpetuating the need to share depressing content.

27-year-old Marybeth Marshal dropped out of college to focus on healing from fibromyalgia. She told Daily Mail, “You can get addicted to being sad, and sick, and the attention you receive. The ‘misery loves company’ thing makes you sicker.”

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