‘A Foretaste of Heaven’: Nearly 8,000 Choose to Follow Jesus During Egyptian Outreach

‘A Foretaste of Heaven’: Nearly 8,000 Choose to Follow Jesus During Egyptian Outreach by TALIA WISE for CBN News

It’s been called the largest Christian event in Egypt’s history as more than 17,000 attended a Gospel crusade and more than 7,800 people made a decision to put their faith in Jesus Christ.

Dr. Michael Youssef’s Leading The Way ministry held the evangelistic event in Cairo last month and told CBN News he is praising God for the thousands who came forward seeking hope, healing, and change.

“It was an amazing experience,” he recalled. “Past midnight, people did not want to leave and said, ‘We just feel the Holy Spirit here’ and it was a foretaste of Heaven. Just praising God.”

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The 75-year-old pastor of the Church of the Apostles in Atlanta, Georgia said he was invited to Egypt to preach by a cross-denominational coalition of pastors and leaders nearly a year ago.

“Twelve months ago I received an invitation from pastors and leaders representing 27 denominations and they said, ‘We have never had an evangelistic outreach of that kind of magnitude. Would you pray about it?’ I prayed about it and I felt, ‘Of course, I will come.'”

Youssef said nearly a year of prayer went into preparing for the event. At the start of the Israel-Hamas war, he was urged to cancel because of mounting pressure in the Middle East.

“God knew 12 months ago when this was planned that this [war] was going to happen,” he explained. “This is not taking Him by surprise.”

“Can you imagine an announcement made that the evangelist is not coming because he is concerned about the situation in the Middle East?” Youssef asked. “What kind of a God do I worship? I am going no matter what. And I knew that I could trust God, this was God’s plan and we want to be on His plan.”

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