Jonathan Cahn: ‘Altars Must Be Broken’ for Worldwide Revival to Come

Jonathan Cahn: ‘Altars Must Be Broken’ for Worldwide Revival to Come by Shawn A. Akers for Charisma News

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn says if there is to be worldwide revival in these end times, altars must be broken. He doesn’t mean literal altars—as there are in churches—but metaphorical altars that have infiltrated the lives of believers and non-believers alike and have transformed our culture into a den of iniquity.

It’s part of the reason why he wrote his latest and perhaps his most important book, “Return of the Gods,” which releases today, Sept. 6. In the book, he reveals that the gods of the ancient pagan world have now returned to the modern world, to the West and specifically to America. He reveals the “Dark Trinity” of these gods that are now at work transforming and paganizing American culture. The same ancient gods that reign over the ancient world now lie behind everything from the sexual revolution, abortion, woke-ism, the revival of the occult, the war on gender and the spread of the rainbow throughout our culture. Rabbi Cahn says not only do we need to know what we are dealing with concerning the “gods” or the principalities of the enemy, but we also need to realize that we, as believers, have the power to overcome them.

Rabbi Cahn says in these last days, we are no different than Moses, Elijah, the Maccabees or Jesus’ disciples, who all faced their own challenges in dealing with pagan gods in their own time. We, like those individuals and groups, can look to our Savior to destroy Satan and his army who have brought mass deception to our culture.

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“We all know that we are dealing with something very biblical here,” Rabbi Cahn told Stephen Strang in a recent episode of “The Strang Report.”

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