The Time When I Went to a Prophetic Seminar (Video)

The Time When I Went to a Prophetic Seminar Video by Melissa Dougherty

I went to a Shawn Bolz Prophetic Night Event back in 2019. It was meant to “teach people about the prophetic and make a safe space for people to practice it.” The ad for the event said it’s a “powerful evening seminar on hearing God’s voice and incorporating the prophetic into your sphere of influence and daily life.” I actually recorded this experience to later make a video out of it. Well… I made a video out of it. This is NOT a hit piece on Shawn Bolz. I found him likable, well-spoken, and empathetic. I do, however, am troubled and have many concerns. I share clips of my experience, and give thoughtful commentary that I hope is firm but fair.
00:05- Intro and What Even is a “Prophetic Seminar”?
00:48- Three Preliminary Thoughts
04:04- Part 1: First Impressions and Notes from the Seminar
11:00- Part 2: Clips of and Thoughts on Prophecies
30:46- Part 3: My Conclusions

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