‘You Never See a U-Haul Behind a Hearse’: Denzel Washington Offers Words of Wisdom to Miami Heat Players

‘You Never See a U-Haul Behind a Hearse’: Denzel Washington Offers Words of Wisdom to Miami Heat Players By  for Faith Wire

Denzel Washington is something of a unicorn: a Hollywood megastar at the highest heights showbiz has to offer — yet he’s also a man of faith who isn’t afraid to share his beliefs and wisdom with anyone who will listen.

Video surfaced yesterday showing the “Man on Fire” and “Remember the Titans” star sharing some of that wisdom with several players from the Miami Heat.

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“Keep raising the standard about how you carry yourself,” Washington can be heard saying as Kyle Lowry, Jimmy Butler, and others listened attentively. “Keep teaching. Keep leading. Keep following. Learn from the best. That’s what I’ve done, and pass it on.”

Washington then moved into deeper spiritual matters.

“Last thing I’ll say, which I’ve said a lot of times: You never see a U-Haul behind a hearse,” he explained, alluding to the fact that material items will not make it with you — nor matter — in Heaven. “I’ll say it again,” he continued, “You never see a U-Haul behind a hearse. Can’t take it with you. Egyptians tried it; all they got was robbed.”

Washington was, of course, referring to ancient Egyptians who built elaborate tombs and stuffed them full of riches, believing they’d be there waiting for them in the afterlife. This led to people looting and robbing the graves, attempting to steal the massive amounts of gold and silver that had been stockpiled over the years.

“But, leaving money aside, you can’t take it with you. But you can leave it here — your influence, your power, your wisdom, your ability to touch people,” Washington said before transitioning into the power professional athletes have to influence the young fans across the country.

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