Catholic Priest, Pro-Life Advocates Arrested After Going Inside Clinic to Save Babies From Abortion

Catholic Priest, Pro-Life Advocates Arrested After Going Inside Clinic to Save Babies From Abortion by Micaiah Bilger for Life News

GNN Note – WOW! Brave people standing up to save lives and get arrested. Let that sink in for just a minute. / END

Six pro-life advocates, including a Catholic priest, were arrested Saturday for peacefully trying to save pregnant mothers and unborn babies from abortion at a Michigan abortion facility.

In the process, they believe one mother may have chosen life for her unborn baby.

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Ten pro-life advocates participated in the Red Rose Rescue at the Northland Family Planning abortion facility in Southfield, Michigan. The facility advertises abortions up to 24 weeks of pregnancy.

“Rescue is like a light of reality shining through the darkness and insanity of the culture of death,” said Will Goodman, a volunteer with Red Rose Rescue. “The selfless sacrifices of these rescuers to

save the perishing are always incredibly fruitful in this great spiritual battle to defend lives and save souls.”

On Saturday morning, the pro-life advocates split into three groups to reach out to mothers in the first- and second-floor lobbies of the large office building where the abortion facility is located and inside the abortion facility waiting room itself, the group told LifeNews.

The Red Rose Rescue involves pro-life advocates peacefully entering an abortion facility and offering information and encouragement to the women inside. Some pro-life advocates refuse to leave the facility until forced to do so by law enforcement. They believe that refusing to leave is an act of solidarity with the unborn babies who are scheduled to be killed by abortionists.

Four pro-life advocates, Father Fidelis Moscinski, Elizabeth Wagi, Brianna Mantel and Jacob Gregor, entered the waiting room and offered women red roses with a message of encouragement attached, the group told LifeNews. The message also includes contact information for local pregnancy resource centers.

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