“We Are Facing a Global Coup that Involves Both Civil Society and the Church” – Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano

“We Are Facing a Global Coup that Involves Both Civil Society and the Church” – Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano By Joe Hoft  for The Gateway Pundit

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano was on Canale Italia TV and he shared his observations on what is going on in this world. 

Below are some of the Archbishop’s key observations.

About the church and political leadership today:

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We are facing a global coup that involves both civil society and the Church. Both are infiltrated and controlled by characters who use their power and the authority that derives from it, not for the purposes of the institutions they govern, but in order to destroy them. This crisis of authority must be denounced, because the action of those who have reached the highest levels of leadership both of nations and of the Church is a subversive and criminal act.

When asked about the efforts to create a global religion and whether it is homicide or suicide for the Holy church, Vigano shared:

Both. On the one hand, the corrupt part of the Hierarchy – which for the sake of brevity I call the deep church – since it is subservient to Satan, hates the Church as the Mystical Body of Christ and intends to kill Her, just as happened to the Church’s Head. But we know that just as Christ is risen, so His Mystical Body will also be resurrected after Her Passion. So yes: those who serve the Devil carry out a murderous operation, however crazy and doomed to failure.

When asked about the consequences he has incurred in standing up to the New World Order, Vigano shared:

Already after my revelations about the scandals of then Cardinal McCarrick, I had to take care of my safety. My statements about the pandemic farce, which I remember began in May 2020, at the time earned me insults and verbal lynchings, accusations of undue interference or that I was promoting conspiracy theories. There have also been those who have said that it was not I who wrote my statements; it was even insinuated that I was suffering from psychosis and “delirium of interpretation,” or even possessed by the devil. Not to mention the the accusations following my pronouncement on the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, a few days ago…

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