Bill Hamon Prophesies for 2022: The Lord Says, ‘I Am Coming to Settle Accounts’

Bill Hamon Prophesies for 2022: The Lord Says, ‘I Am Coming to Settle Accounts’ by JARED LASKEY for Charisma News

At the beginning of every year, Elizabeth Tiam Fook of International Young Prophets hosts a number of prophets on social media to share what God is saying for the year. For “What is God Saying for 2022,” Tiam Fook hosted Bishop Bill Hamon, Patricia King, Barbara Yoder, Kim Owens, Jamie Galloway and Chazdon Strickland.

Opening the prophetic livestream, the first guest, Kim Owens, said, “The Lord illuminated to me the phrase, ‘Great authority comes to the prepared ones.’ Esther went into great preparation and then the authority was handed to her. The story of Esther has come alive for me especially as we moved into 2022, for such as this. And 22 means ‘governmental authority birthed through prayer.'”

Kim continued, saying, “Grace is coming for the prepared ones as they walk into a year of immense harvest and revival resulting in sustained transformation and reformation. But we cannot skip the preparation process, which is perpetual.”

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Bishop Bill Hamon, known as the father of the modern prophetic movement, said, “In October, God told me: ‘Tell my people, that in the next six months I am coming to settle accounts.’ The master in Matthew 25 gave golden coins according to the ability he knew the servants could manage. The master later came to settle accounts. And the servant that misused the golden coins, the master said, ‘Take the money from this man and give it to the one with 10,000 gold coins. For the man who used it well will be given more. The one who was unfaithful will be cast out.'”

Bishop Hamon then stated, “The Lord said, ‘I am going to settle accounts to see if people are using what I have given them. Because after April I am sending angels on assignment to release anointings and empowerment to those who have proved to use what they have. Even if they are in difficult situations, I am going to give them a glory anointing and they are going to go forth to do exploits to glorify My name. I am raising men and women to demonstrate My glory and power. Those who have proven themselves will receive mantles with their special assignments and commissions.'”

Patricia King stated, “Stepping into the new era beginning at Rosh Hoshanna in 2019 was a preparation for war. We are to live differently when we are at war than we do during a time of peace. During war we must be more diligent, vigilant and more focused and live more sacrificially.

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