Prophetic Word: The Lord Says, ‘It’s About to Rain on You’

Prophetic Word: The Lord Says, ‘It’s About to Rain on You’ by JAMIE TUTTLE for Charisma News

Are you feeling discouraged as you finish out the year? If so, the Spirit of the Lord gave me a word to strengthen and encourage you today.

First, know that we’re headed into a new season, but the Lord doesn’t want you to go out of this season weak.

He wants you to go out strong and powerful. And in order to do that, you need to know that the Lord wants to strengthen you right now.

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The Lord wants to strengthen you right now through your praise. To receive what He wants to do, you’ve got to get yourself focused on Him. The Lord is calling you right now to get your praise back. Go ahead and shout to the Lord; lift up a praise that costs you something. It’s only in that place of praise that you can receive the strength you’re going to need for this next season.

Let me ask you this:

What would your prayers and praise look like if you already knew you had won? What would your praise look like if the bank called you and said, “We don’t know where this money came from”? How would you praise if you knew your Father is giving you the entire kingdom in 2021, just as a father gives gifts to his little child? What would your prayers, your praise and your worship look like if you finished out this season and entered the new year with expectation—instead of finishing it out with deflation?

The Lord wants you to know that it’s a new season right now.

You’ve seen a lot of horrors in this last season, but this thing has shifted in the spiritual realm. You’ve been praying, and God has answered. However, some of you have been praying and thinking God wasn’t going to answer at all!

Nevertheless, as the Lord was giving me this prophetic word, I saw healings happening. I saw shoulders and backs being healed right as you’re reading this. Watch for these healings, for they will be a proof to you that things have shifted; things that were disjointed are coming back together!

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