Boundaries In Recovery: Understanding How & Why Boundaries Are Important After Addiction (Video)

Boundaries In Recovery: Understanding How & Why Boundaries Are Important After Addiction Video

You got sober because you value your life. Protect what you value by setting boundaries: Boundaries are a form of self care and are essential for sustainable recovery from addiction.

Rob Mo, Addiction Counselor, teaches you about “Strong Ego Boundaries,” “Weak Ego Boundaries,” and “Broken Ego Boundaries,” which are the three basic forms of boundaries. An easy way to understand how this works is to picture your boundary as a door. Do you keep control of the doorknob, let others control it, or is the door completely broken off the hinges? Having the ability to set a boundary for yourself does so much more than what meets the eyes. Beyond just letting others know your limits, you show yourself how much you really do care for you. This affirmation of self care can boost confidence and further motivate your own recovery. If you are a parent, these are just as important. Understanding how to use boundaries to support and aid in your loved ones recovery can have incredible impact in helping.

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As always, hit that like button on this video and make sure to subscribe for more educational videos on addiction and recovery. I think by this point it’s clear to see how different Tree House Recovery is compared to other treatment centers. We focus on more than just the addiction. We focus on optimizing your life, getting you to a beyond average state of living. You got sober to live a fun, happy, and amazing life, and we can make sure you get there.

Even if you are not in recovery from addiction, these life skills can help enhance your day to day lives. Understand how you operate on a deeper level by watching more of our videos and see the crossover from addiction recovery to self improvement.

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