Fauci Lying About Testing “Everybody Coming Into The Country”…

Fauci Lying About Testing “Everybody Coming Into The Country”…

This man is a disgrace on so many levels I’m embarrassed for him. Since he has no shame, only an immense thirst for more power, he would say anything that would keep the people off balance. With relative ease he lies right to the camera about who is being tested and then makes some snide remark “as you know” – Who knows what circumstances Fauci is referencing? There are no circumstances – the people streaming into our country across the southern border are barely even disrupted on their way to the Social Security office to sign up for all the free stuff.

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You can make people wealthy by taking from the productive and giving to the unproductive – it doesn’t work that way. The owners of the lunatics in Washington DC believe they can create a communist state that works. It only works in one direction. Will they be able to kill enough people so those that are left feel inadequate to fight back? That is the real question for this moment. The global take over by these satanic-globalist is not going as well as they thought it would. The injections will wipe out a great many over the coming 2-5 years, but will it be enough? Have enough people taken the poison that will be sparked by 5G waves being turned up and down?

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