A Robin Hood Mentality: Urban Criminals Are Following Wealthy Individuals Back To Their Homes In Order To Rob Them

A Robin Hood Mentality: Urban Criminals Are Following Wealthy Individuals Back To Their Homes In Order To Rob Them by  for The Economic Collapse Blog

If you look like you have money, you are a potential target.  I know that statement may sound crass, but we all need to understand that the environment in this country has fundamentally changed.  Criminals in our large urban areas are specifically searching for easy targets that appear to be wealthy.  So if you are spotted leaving an expensive restaurant in a very expensive vehicle, you may be facing gun-toting criminals in your driveway once you get back home.  Last month, the Los Angeles Police Department issued a community alert warning of an alarming rise in “follow home robberies”

Suspects have been locating victims before following them and committing the robberies as the victim arrives home or at their business, according to a safety bulletin released by the department’s Robbery-Homicide Division.

Authorities say victims have been followed from places such as the Jewelry District of Los Angeles, nightclubs and high-end restaurants, and along Melrose Avenue.

In the old days, criminals would be content with just taking a purse or a wallet.

These days, they want to follow you home and go through everything that you have got.

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Another way that criminals are gaining access to homes in southern California is by posing as landscapers

Burglars in California are appearing to target the homes of Asian-Americans while posing as landscapers in a series of thefts that come amid a rise in follow-home robberies, authorities said last week.

The Torrance Police Department issued a warning on Wednesday about the similarities between multiple residential burglaries that have occurred in recent weeks in Torrance, a city in the Los Angeles Metropolitan area.

If a group of young men come to your home uninvited, do not open the door and do not let them inside.

That is only common sense, but many people are way too trusting these days.

Of course many criminals are still breaking into homes in the middle of the night.  On December 1st, 81-year-old philanthropist Jackie Avant was ruthlessly murdered by thugs that invaded her home while it was dark outside…

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