Jesus’ Resurrection Spirit Is a Gift to Non-Christians, Too

Jesus’ Resurrection Spirit Is a Gift to Non-Christians, Too By  for Faith Wire

You might say that 2020 was a year of death.

A global COVID-19 pandemic, horrific human rights abuses in Hong Kong and Myanmar, the incarceration of Uyghur Muslims in China, protests against murder and racism in the United States, the continued suffering of minorities and “outcastes” in India, natural disasters, the indiscriminate enforcement of globalization economics and the destabilization of democratic rights gave us little hope for the future.

It appears the whole of creation is groaning for its resurrection as promised in the gospel of the kingdom of God.

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Ever since Jesus was resurrected from the dead thousands of years ago, faithful Christ followers have waited expectantly for their life-after-death resurrection in the world to come. But they also await their life-before-death resurrection in the present world.

My work has allowed me to experience a spiritual dimension to human existence often overlooked by skeptics. Yet, Jesus’ resurrection unleashed spiritual and moral forces that are present and evident in all societies around the world, if we only have eyes to see.

The spirit of life still ultimately triumphs over the forces of evil, oppression and destruction. As pastors are fond of saying this time of the year, “for every Good Friday there’s a Resurrection Sunday coming.”

One does not need to be a believer in Jesus to be under the influence and power of the redemptive forces his resurrection unleashed in history. Easter, perhaps even more than Christmas, is for all the peoples of the world.

I see resurrection activity all around that affirms life, even in the face of deepest darkness.

The speed at which various vaccines have been developed to win the war against COVID-19 is unprecedented. One factory in my home country of India is making nearly 4 million syringes for  COVID-19 vaccines a day. Like millions around the world, I have had my first shot of the vaccine and await the second. My Easter prayer is that vaccines will be made available to all people, especially to the most vulnerable members of our societies. Providing this vaccine free of charge is a remarkable example of a human resurrection effort — of a Sunday spirit that’ll never settle for Friday.

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