What Does Satanic Globalism Look Like, Sound Like and Act Like?

What Does Satanic Globalism Look Like, Sound Like and Act Like? by Rory for The Daily Coin

A lot of people in the so-called “alternative media” dismiss Tucker Carlson as a shill or puppet or whatever. They are usually doing this while quoting CNN, MSNBC or one of the other hardcore Operation Mockingbird corporate media outlets, but that’s not why we’re here. Tucker Carlson is a rare bird. Is he a propagandist, a “shill”, a disinformation agent? I don’t know. What I do know is he is unafraid of speaking truth directly to the face of power. For this reason you will never see Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, nor will you see Adam Schiff make the mistake of going back on Tucker Carlson Tonight. Mr. Carlson thrives on the challenge of confronting these evil, vile people in positions of power. You can see it in the blood veins as they are pumped up on his forehead.

Essence of Collapse

In December 2019 Tucker Carlson called out Paul Singer of Elliott Management, in what could only be called an absolute blood bath. Carlson ripped the man and his company to shreds for what could only be described as killing the city of Sydney, Nebraska. Mr. Carlson was so detailed in his dismantling of this evil that it covered two nights – Tucker Carlson – click here, Dec 3 and here, Dec 4 I hope you watch at least one of the episodes to get an idea of what a responsible American looks and sounds like. It is time we all stand up and be counted for what has happened. It is time to push back.

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When you hear people saying things like “capitalism is terrible and socialism is the way to go” these people are seeing capitalism through the lens of a satanic globalist like Paul Singer or Peter Walker. Peter Walker, a former partner (read owner), McKinsey & Co, is the most recent satanic globalist to be stupid enough to step foot into the sphere of Tucker Carlson Tonight. Mr Singer was at least smart enough to ignore Tucker Carlson’s invitation to come onto the show. I feel confident Mr Walker wishes he had done the same.

When you hear the stories of crony capitalism, satanic globalism and you meet the evil agents profiting off the misery of hundreds, thousands or even millions of people you begin to see the reasoning behind the cries for socialism. The sad part is, if the U.S. becomes anymore socialist than it already is we will be jumping on the road to Venezuela or Zimbabwe in short order. With the recent moves by the Federal Reserve, to the tune of $6 to $9 TRILLION in freshly created currency we may already be on our way. But I digress.

According to the report conducted by Tucker Carlson, Peter Walker and his company are directly responsible for the economic mess our country finds itself in. This satanic globalist enterprise is only interested in profits. They are no more interested in people or nation states or Liberty than Palpate, Lenin or Marx. No, there is no room for compassion, family values or borders. No, these merely get in the way of massive profits for themselves and their company.

The offshoring of the U.S. manufacturing, according to the report below, was directly tied to McKinsey & Co. People like Chelsea Clinton have been on their payroll so you already know this is a well connected globalist enterprise. This is no ordinary “consulting firm”, this is one associated with the Clinton Crime Family.

I hope you watch this to the point of memorizing some of the questions, some of the facial gestures and most importantly memorize who did what and what they did. At the end of the day what this company did was not hurt other companies they hurt families, communities and an entire country. The U.S. no longer manufactures critical medications, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and hundreds upon hundreds of vital, necessary items that make a modern healthy life. No these items, thanks to the man in the video below and the company he owned, are now off-shored. While you and I suffer the consequences of these decisions, Mr Walker is comfortably relaxing somewhere in the sunshine with undoubtedly several underpaid servants addressing his every need and whim. Memorize that image and explain to your children and grandchildren how you stood idly by while this satanic globalist sucked the life out of their future.

It’s not just the people running hedge funds, public relations companies and equities funds, no, these are just the “water boys” ensuring the coffers remain filled with their blood money. There are others in far more powerful positions, people we see all the time, people normally not thought of as being against people, but thought of as actually looking out for their “flock”. People like Pope Francis, Bill Gates and a great many others.

Although Trump has been more actively pro-life than we ever expected, unfortunately, on abortion defunding, he was blocked time and again, especially by both Democrat and Republican globalists and otherwise corrupt RINO’s (Republican in name only) in Congress. They had other priorities that prevented him from getting what he promised without sacrificing other, what I presume were more immediate concerns for him, such as saving a dangerously weak U.S. economy and a weak, crumbling U.S. military, both at a time when Communist China was known to be a serious threat to the world.

In 2017, I could not have imagined Pope Francis would have gone as far as he has into pantheism and idolatry, regularly using Masonic phrases such as the “Brotherhood of man” and human fraternity and calling all religions as being willed by God. He has frequently met and consulted with numerous, world-leading anti-life, New World Order globalists in the Vatican. Source

Until we cut off the blood money generated by the “water-boys” their masters and owners will only get to be more powerful, wealthier and wield more control over our world.

If you believe you can’t make a change and impact the entire world, remember it was only 12 men, more than 2,000 years ago, that delivered the Good News to the world, that to this day resonants around the world and changes lives every, single. day. Just about 244 years ago a handful of rag-tagged individuals stood up to the premiere military force in the world. III% (3%) was all that was needed. III% can make a nation, III% can change the world.

These people are cowards. These people hate your guts, hate your family and hate the fact that you have God given rights. It’s time to push back.

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