Tucker Carlson Explains The Essence of Collapse

Tucker Carlson Explains The Essence of Collapse by Rory – The Daily Coin

The first fifteen minutes of the video below are a must watch. Tucker Carlson, Fox News, obviously put some serious thought and work into this segment. It is really well presented and by the time he reaches the first break your blood will be boiling, your heart will have broken and it’s a good possibility you will see our economy and the family in a different light altogether.

Mr. Carlson describes, in great detail, the essence of what an economic collapse looks like, feels like, smells like and, above all, how the people are impacted and what happens to the people on the ground. How our lives – you and I – are impacted at every turn. Tucker goes on to describe the family being ripped to shreds which leads to all kinds of messy outcomes, like single parent households, feminized men, suicide and drug overdose climbing higher and higher, while abortion was announced as the leading cause of death in 2018

These are all facts and not some loud mouth punk spewing nothingness across the airwaves. If we the people don’t get a grip on the number one issue leading the charge of the unfolding economic collapse – the family unit – it will be impossible to have a stable community, stable, thriving economy and it makes it much easier for the government to control our movement, our speech and to strip us of our freedom and liberty.

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The situation Tucker Carlson describes is happening now, it is not some far off distant future. It has been unfolding for the past 4-5 decades and it is now reaching it’s zenith – it’s tipping point. Which side it falls is up to us and I fear the masses are numb, uncaring and unenlightened people who can barely look away from their phone for more than a few minutes at a time, much less understand something as complex as what Mr. Carlson describes below.

Representative Salazar (R) Florida, wants all immigrants, the world over, to come to America! She just wants them to be handed some type of document, allowing them to become a citizen, as they breeze through the border checkpoint on their way to their new job. You know, the job you just lost. She is living with one foot in the globalist agenda and one foot in the populist agenda. This is what happens when you have a concentration of illegal immigrants that are granted immunity and their communities grow large enough to support non-english speaking “citizens”, with their purpose being to transform government to a socialist/communist regime.

Lee Smith, who has a very short segment, presents a picture of the dossier that is little known or seen.

Tammy Bruce does what she does so well. Ms. Bruce provides us a short breather to describe Elizabeth, Fauxchohantis, Warren’s bid for the 2020 Presidency in a light-hearted moment while providing much needed information.

Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch, chimes in with a couple minutes of reality on the gun running, conducted by Hillary’s State Dept. between Benghazi, Libya and the “terrorist” on the Syrian and Iraq border. These are the terrorist that would rise up and announce the “caliphate” in 2012 during the Obama regime. This is the reason Libya was bombed and, more importantly, why Ambassador Stephens and his staff were allowed to be murdered as Hillary ordered the guard detail at the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi to stand-down.

Pay particular attention to Retired Army Colonel, Douglas McGregor, as he takes the Syrian war discussion to the next level and explains how 7 zip codes in and around Washington DC have are the only reason for Syria, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan continue to be war zones. – Well worth your time.

The video below was published the night after we originally published this article. We updated the information to include this video to support the overall theme.

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