Rat Infested, Third World Conditions: The Essence of Collapse III

Rat Infested, Third World Conditions: The Essence of Collapse III by Rory for The Daily Coin

For the past several years we’ve spent a lot of time on the topic of economic collapse. It could be argued that is the entire reason for this websites existence and why I do what I do.

President Trump, as I am sure you all know, sent a series of tweets directed at 13 term democrat, Congressman, Elijah Cummings. The President was pointing out the fact that a large portion of Mr. Cummings Baltimore district was “rat infested” and “no human would want to live there”. All true. In some cases it would be impossible for humans to live in the documented conditions within Baltimore.

Baltimore officials respond to Trump’s tweets about the city’s conditions

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If you watch Tucker Carlson on a regular basis you quickly realize a number of items that separate him from the pack of talking heads on corporate media. First, he is unafraid of speaking truth directly to power. Mr. Carlson is unashamed to use language that most all other corporate Operation Mockingbird media types would never use. For example, Tucker will call politicians liars, thieves and warmongers all of which are true. He will challenge them to go to war themselves if they are willing to send other people’s children to die on foreign soil for no good reason. He tells them to go themselves or send their children. I regularly remind my wife that it is nothing short of a miracle that Tucker Carlson is still alive.

Tucker Carlson Explains The Essence of Collapse

The July 29, 2019 episode was no exception. What makes this episode different is Mr. Carlson, once again, points out the precise cause of the economic collapse. He, along with Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Doctor Ben Carson, describe, again, in detail how an economic crisis is born. What sustains an economic collapse and how we, you and I, can either impact or stop it from progressing. Tucker Carlson is the only person on TV discussing the root cause of what is happening to our society right now. If you take the time to stop staring at your phone and look at the people around you, you will see the picture that Tucker Carlson and Dr. Carson describe. If you look long enough you, too, can begin to put the pieces of this puzzle together.

The common theme with our rotting cities, like Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore and San Fransisco is they are all run by democrats and have been, in most cases, for multiple decades. I thought democrats were for the people, the working class, the big tent and all the other lies they have spread since John Kennedy was assassinated. Tulsi Gabbard is only Kennedy democrat left in American politics. She embraces the foundation that John F Kennedy built. For this reason she is ignored and marginalized.

The democratic left have ideas, do not care about this country and most certainly do not care about you and your family. Why didn’t the democrats address the inner cities under Clinton or Obama? Haven’t we been told these are the “champions of the people”? With the first black President now in the rearview mirror what do we see, what did he do for the black communities, the inner-city communities that are rotting? Nothing. Less than nothing. He completely ignored them. Between Clinton and Obama we are talking about sixteen years that nothing happened to help the inner-cities.

The Essence of Collapse Part II

Ben Carson defends Trump amid fallout over Baltimore tweets

Tulsi Gabbard tells Tucker why she is suing Google

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