Not All Americans Are Fighting Over Toilet Paper: 5 Good Deeds Done During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Not All Americans Are Fighting Over Toilet Paper: 5 Good Deeds Done During the Coronavirus Pandemic by Cassius K for The Organic Prepper

During difficult times, you’ll notice an emergence of conscience and courage in a lot of people. You might see people being willing to help others even when they are at risk themselves, acting courageously in conscience.

The coronavirus pandemic is no different. While you might see more coverage in the mainstream media about people fighting over toilet paper, here are 5 recent instances of kindness coming into play during the outbreak.

1. NJ Resident does grocery runs

Going from store to store collecting groceries for people in need, Bloomfield, New Jersey resident Abraham Dickerson is doing his part.

“Why did I start? Because I care,” the good Samaritan said. “I didn’t want to see anyone go hungry or possibly risk their life going to get food.”

Dickerson’s gesture means a lot to the people he is assisting.

An elderly woman named Barbara Brooks explained how Abraham helped her get groceries. Her residence is a tower where seniors live, and she has to deal with asthma. She was advised to be distant from others as much as possible.

“It means that someone cares,” she said. “I’m almost out of breath.”

A resident named Adeleri Onisegun noted “He’s not asking for anything, he’s not expecting anything, he’s not taking anything.”

2. Civilian prevents a shooting outside the grocery store

Even though many are warm and helpful, it must be expected that crime may rise.

When people battle over food or whatever it is outside the grocery store for example, and somebody pulls out a weapon and tries to strike the innocent, it might inspire a courageous reaction from bystanders.

It was a situation like this that recently transpired in Omaha, Nebraska.

A man entered an Omaha, Nebraska Hy-Vee store and started firing shots, when bystander Tom Wenzl tackled him and disabled the threat to everybody in the vicinity.

Customers were running out of the store, but he stayed and ducked down out of sight behind a counter. “I hunkered down – he was in five or six – I crouched and waited.  When he came through, that’s when I tackled him,” Wenzl explained.

He actually prevented a cop from having to take lethal action, because Omaha Police Deputy Police Chief Scott Gray said he was a “fraction of a second from shooting the guy,” as he also jumped into the altercation. That was after Wenzyl initially started trying to wrestle the gun away, with the first move.

3. “Take this.” $1000 handed to grocery store staff

At Darrell’s Market & Hardware in Aurelius Township, Michigan, employee Julie Huguelet was walking out the door after a long shift when a stranger handed her an envelope.

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