‘Extremely Alarming’: New Swarms of Locusts Ravage Africa, Middle East

‘Extremely Alarming’: New Swarms of Locusts Ravage Africa, Middle East by Emily Jones for CBN News

GNN Note – Isn’t this the second wave of locust to sweep across Africa, the Middle East and, during the last swarm, they made into China just before the Wuhan Chinese coronavirus was unleashed.  So….there is that aspect.


Video online shows millions of locusts descending upon the Middle Eastern country of Oman as swarms as big as 37 miles continue to plague Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

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Dominic Abu Hana, a presenter on a Lebanese news network, tweeted a video on March 15 of a flood of locusts in Oman. The video now has more than 4.5 million views.

Hana mistakenly called the insects ants in his post, but Omani officials later confirmed with journalist Hassan Hassan that they “are actually ‘small-size’ locusts.”

Africa and parts of the Middle East have been fighting plagues of locusts since late January. The insects present a major threat to agriculture and food supplies.

“When the conditions are right, the population can explode very fast. Locusts travel by wind, and they can travel at least 150-200 km a day,” said Nasser Al Shamsi, Oman’s Director of Plant Protection Services at the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

“A single female locust can lay up to 100 to 300 eggs,” he told the Times of Oman. “The period of maturity of the larvae inside the eggs is about two weeks, and the problem is that when they hatch, very large numbers of insects are formed. You can imagine the damage thousands of locusts can cause.”

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