Why Science Cannot Explain the Origin of Life (Podcast)

Why Science Cannot Explain the Origin of Life Podacst An Interview with Dr. James Tour by for Break Point

GNN Note – Is this what non-believers will never grasp about science?

Excerpt from The Original Fake News

When you think about science and God arguably the two most significant scientific discoveries in all of cosmology in the last 100 years points strongly to God.

One, that the universe has a beginning. If it has a beginning then there had to be something that got it started. There had to be something that gave it that beginning.

Not only do I think that science doesn’t disprove God but I actually think that only God proves science. Source


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Where and how did life begin? Can naturalistic evolution account for it?

Synthetic organic chemist and Rice University professor Dr. James Tour explains that the typical naturalistic explanation for the origin of life–that there was some primordial soup, lightning flashes, then molecules came together and formed a cell, which evolved into more complicated life–is “fallacious” and “a bunch of nonsense.”

As Dr. Tour tells Shane Morris today on the BreakPoint Podcast, “If any scientists” claim to know the process by which life came about, “they are lying.”

In this fascinating interview, Dr. Tour explains the extraordinarily complex sets of building blocks and processes that had to come together to form life in ways we still cannot explain.

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