The Original Fake News

The Original Fake News by Rory – The Daily Coin

TDC Note – Originally published April 8, 2018. He Is Risen! and today is the day we celebrate our freedom from sin. The satanic globalist would have us believe otherwise as they attempt in every way possible to convince people the world over that Jesus Christ is an outdated “idea” a “myth” and “imaginary delusion”. We celebrate real power, real freedom and real Love.

Hebrews 1 NKJV – Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.


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When you think about science and God arguably the two most significant scientific discoveries in all of cosmology in the last 100 years points strongly to God.

One, that the universe has a beginning. If it has a beginning then there had to be something that got it started. There had to be something that gave it that beginning.

Not only do I think that science doesn’t disprove God but I actually think that only God proves science. Source

The term “fake news” has been used longer than most people believe. The punishment for so-called fake news used to be much harsher than it is today and if the liberal/progressives get their way we will see a return to these medieval style punishments.

When I first began researching and writing about the corruption, that is now conducted in the open, it was 1988 and Bush senior was the problem. At the time, I really had no idea how heinous his crimes were, I just knew something was wrong and that George senior was, at the very least, a liar. I would learn his being a liar was one of the best parts of his overall character.

In 2014, after being on staff at SGTReport for two years, I launched The Daily Coin. Soon after launch the Washington Post published ProporNot the pure propaganda arm of the Amazon empire that was born in the bowels of the Washington Post. released a list of 200 websites they, and they alone, had determined were nothing more than propaganda outlets for “fake news”.  This was the signal, to everyone paying attention, the tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were going to begin attacking these, and other, websites with their algorithms, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and ad revenue. This is exactly what began happening in 2016 during the election campaign. It continues to this day and people are beginning to raise their voices regarding the criminal acts by these tech giants that lie, steal and cheat with impunity.

You Tube began demonetizing channels and now is resorting to simply deleting YouTube channels they, and they alone, have deemed to be unworthy of being on the YouTube platform. For those that remember a young man named Logan Paul was under attack for simply showing a dead body on one of his videos. How many people are killed during prime-time TV viewing on a nightly basis? How many people are killed during one episode of The Walking Dead? but somehow this young man who is discussing “Suicide Forest” in Japan comes under attack because he walked up on one of the victims in suicide forrest that is known around the world.

The Daily Coin has been under fire from Google and Facebook for close to a year. We push forward and keep in mind that which doesn’t destroy you makes you stronger. We are still standing and we are still delivering the truth.

All of the websites that were listed on the original 200 websites have flourished. The entire campaign backfired to the tune of every website listed is now bigger, stronger and has a much larger audience. I wish The Daily Coin had made the original list. We did make the secondary list that has now been scrubbed from the internet as the unintended consequences would have completely destroyed corporate media.

All of this is to say the authorities always try to sway public opinion in their favor. The so-called “authorities” want you to believe what they want you to believe. This has been the case since the beginning of time.

Daily Sound Bite and The Daily Coin present factual information and the few articles that we publish that are not 100% verifiable we try our best to publish a note alerting you to this truth – that we were unable to verify an article or certain information. That’s how it should be done. This is how trust is built. This is how we maintain your trust.

But what about faith? What about information that is not verifiable in the sense of being able to touch, smell or taste? What about a story that has been repeated, from the beginning, with no alterations? Is it fake news or something else? What are we suppose to believe? Who are we suppose to believe?

I read a quote about Charles Colson, he was one of the guys involved in the Watergate scandal. He was not a Christian at one point and then gave his heart to Jesus as a result of his incredible journey through that time and as he went to prison for his part in the Watergate scandal.

One of the things he (Charles Colson) says about the resurrection and why he believes in it is because the disciples lived their lives consistently proclaiming and testifying to the resurrection of Jesus even though they encountered incredible opposition, even torture and death. They stood steadfast, year after year, proclaiming they saw a dead man walking. – Mike Harder, Green Hills Church

Our soul (gut instinct) knows things that we can not explain – would you agree? Have you ever been walking down a sidewalk and your gut (soul) tells you to either turn around and walk the other way or cross the street? What about the hair-on-the-back-of-your-neck standing up for one reason or another? Did you pay attention and wonder what had happened or what was going to happen? Is this not your soul (gut) informing you of “news” you need to know? Do these moments, potentially, contain life altering information? These instincts within us do not effect the outcome of what is happening, but we can effect our situation by listening or ignoring.

Telling the truth is a basic principal we have as human beings. If your word is no good then most people will flee from your side very, very quickly. They don’t even have to know that much about you to know if you are being honest or not. This is not to say that some of the “professional” con artist are not extremely skilled at their craft, but even they cross paths with people that can call-them-on-the-carpet before their first sentence is complete.

If we look at history, some 2,000 years ago, we find a small group of people, approximately 12, who were traveling around the world and spreading the Good News. These men traveled in even smaller groups of less than 3 people – usually alone or with one other person. They were tasked with going from town to town – village to village – settlement to settlement to discuss the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

There was no mass communication, no Facebook, internet or even carrier-piegon. Two feet or possibly a mule, horse or camel if they were lucky. Our travelers were not lucky enough to have such a luxury as one of these animals.

These men would arrive in a village or town and begin discussing Jesus Christ and what they had learned directly from Him and what they knew – as fact – of the resurrection.

Ah, the resurrection. The pivotal moment in Christendom. When Christ was resurrected the world changed and either you know and accept or you need some help understanding the power of a personal Healer and Loving God.

Christ said you will know that everything I said is true because I’m going to be raised from the dead. And what is so shocking is that He actually did it.

You see the amazement, and the confusion, in the women’s eyes when they go to the tomb. They go early in the morning and they’re not like “Oh, He did it! This is exactly what He said He would do!” No, they are shocked -“where’s the body?” They are absolutely uncertain about what was going to happen next. – Mike Harder, Green Hills Church

This was the Good News our travelers began to broadcast around the land – one on one, or in small groups.

The men delivering the “Fake News” were run out of town, arrested or beaten. They, like we today, were not deterred. These brave souls pushed forward carrying the Good News and finding enough people that believed Jesus Christ had beaten death and carries our sins that we still have the exact same story today 2,018 years later.

What if these men had been met by the first hostile group and said “well, this is no fun and they don’t believe me so, I’m going back to fishing. I don’t need this.” Where would we be today? Where would we be had the carriers of Truth allowed the “tech giants” of the day to stop their voice from being heard? What if Caiaphas had stopped the crowds from listening and carrying the Good News?

If He really is who He said He was and who He said He is then all bets are off the table. Because you are not just following a dead guy who gave you a bunch of rules. You are following a Living God who wants to take you somewhere and use you for a great and glorious purpose.


While they were speaking to the people the priest, the Captain of the Temple police and the Sadducees confronted them.  They were annoyed they were teaching the people, proclaiming in Jesus the resurrection from the dead. They seized them and took them into custody until the next day. But many of those who heard the message believed and the number of the men who believed grew to about five thousand. 

ACTS chapter 4 (CSB)

They began to preach the gospel in the Temple the same place that Jesus preached the gospel before His death. They proclaimed that Jesus is the Son of God and as they do that thousands of people came to know Jesus. Like a revival breaks out and people start saying listen “we’re going to put our hope in this Jesus who was raised from the dead.”

Because of that there is a little bit of a skirmish. The leadership, the very same people who killed Jesus are concerned about it. So they send some guards and they arrest Peter and John.  – Mike Harder, Green Hills Church

Authorities want to keep us from the Truth. Authorities were killing people for their beliefs more than 2,000 years ago and they are killing people today for the same reason. Authorities, around the world, are doing their best to keep the name of Jesus Christ out of the news. Authorities, especially in America, are doing their best to teach you that Jesus Christ doesn’t exist and if He did it is nothing more than a fantasy that you are not to believe.

So, if you are fighting the good fight and presenting Truth for all the world then you are in good company. If you stand opposed to Truth then you will be overrun, you will lose, for His is a Beautiful Name, a Powerful Name!

We have carried and repeated His story for the past 2,000 years and we will not stop today. Real News trumps Fake News. Love drives out hate, Light drives out darkness and He reigns above all.

Sunday April 1 was Resurrection Sunday. Our Pastor, Mike Harder, delivered an inspiring message and reminded me of how the authorities attempted to persuade the masses that John and Peter were delivering The Original Fake News. The “authorities” rarely have our best interest at heart, only Jesus does that. What a powerful name it is! The “authorities” know this and want more than ever to keep His hame off your lips and out of your heart.

Hear Mike discussing the carriers of the Truth while battling authorities attempting to proclaim the Good News.

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