A Christian Perspective…

Coronavirus: A Christian Perspective…

We are being bombarded with news surrounding coronavirus. After spending close to ten years in the news business it is safe to say there has never been a news story quiet like this one. One of the major problems with the story is the fact that it is filled with hysteria, hyperbole and the worst of them all – LIES. Plenty of misinformation, theories and blatant lies to last a life time.

How does the Christian community respond? How does the individual Christian respond to real life situations such as air travel on business or to provide comfort and aid, volunteer work in a group setting or putting oneself in a situation where the risk is not only very high, but in some cases the likelihood of danger is palpable.

Do we suit-up and show-up?

Facing the enemy is always a challenge. Facing an unseen enemy presents a whole new set of challenges, thoughts and fears that most all of us are unfamiliar. How strong is your faith? Does it come down to faith? Where should a Christian stand when it comes to the situation that is knocking at our door? We are facing, what appears to be, a true challenge on a grand scale.

This past week there were a number of questions presented – Why Do We Wait…What Do You Hear…What Do You See….which were all proceeded by other questions that were a little more subtle – you can find them here

It seems God has been shaping this moment for the past several weeks. As we have covered more and more of the spread of coronavirus the closer to reality we have come. The closer to reality means the closer to facing the enemy and to the current questions.

After seeking counsel from a trusted friend my weekly volunteer work is in question. The situation involves being emersed in people that are in contact with other people who are, literally, from all around the country. Not only are they in contact with them, they are in very close contact and share unwashed items with one another. To say this is a big red flag at this moment in time would be a gigantic understatement. Why would anyone put themselves in a situation like the one described?

Aren’t we, as Christians, suppose to allow God to guide our footsteps? Aren’t we, as Christians, suppose to embrace hardship, sacrifice and love our enemy? Since this is an unseen enemy does that change the situation? Having a heart in a very serious battle with ones head and the two seemingly unable to meet on common ground is causing a lot of problems. I don’t know wether to cry or sing praises, rejoice or hide, push forward into the unknown or stay behind and allow the storm to pass.

As a Christian what are you doing?

Proverbs NKJV – 8:12 “I, wisdom, dwell with prudence, And find out knowledge and discretion.

Proverbs NKJV – 14
14 The backslider in heart will be filled with his own ways, But a good man will be satisfied from Above.
15 The simple believes every word, But the prudent considers well his steps.

After a 17 year walk with God, this is the first time in memory that something this challenging has surfaced. There is, seemingly, no correct answer to any of the questions.

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