Quick Shot Responses to “Christianity is Anti-Science” (Podcast)

Quick Shot Responses to “Christianity is Anti-Science” Podcast by J. Warner for Cold Case Christianity

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When you think about science and God arguably the two most significant scientific discoveries in all of cosmology in the last 100 years points strongly to God.

One, that the universe has a beginning. If it has a beginning then there had to be something that got it started. There had to be something that gave it that beginning.

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Not only do I think that science doesn’t disprove God but I actually think that only God proves science. Source


In this episode of the Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast, J. Warner offers a number of brief, rhetorically powerful responses to the objection: “Christianity is Anti-Science.” Is belief in Christianity (or God’s existence in general) anti-scientific? Does the Christian worldview devalue science? Is there an irreconcilable divide between faith and reason, or faith and science? These Quick Shot responses are designed to help you remove intellectual obstacles when talking about God with your friends and family members. They are also available on the Cold-Case Christianity Phone App so you can access them as you are interacting with others.

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