The story of that Russian submarine that was apparently deliberately scuttled by its crew – who are now being lionized in Russia by President Putin as having averted a global catastrophe – continues to get stranger and stranger. I have to admit that when the story first appeared, I had to fight the urge to blog about it immediately, because it seemed so strange. After all, within the time frame of the incident, Presidents Putin and Trump, and U.S. Vice President Pence, cancelled meetings, and we were told Mr. Putin scheduled a meeting with the Russian Defense Minister (General Shoigu), and one can only assume that the Trump-Pence cancellations were due to the same incident. The story – and the speculations – quickly grew, however, so tempted as I was to blog about it a few days ago when the story broke, I decided to wait.

What has now emerged are very few details, and a mountain of speculations, and I want to review them here, and to add my own high octane speculation to the mix. This review is by no means comprehensive, but does represent a good cross-section of the articles on the incident that everyone has been kind enough to send. A big thank you to all of you who did so.

The Planetary Catastrophe Story:

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Russia’s version of the story was encapsulated by this Zero Hedge article, where we’re informed that the crew of the lost submarine managed to avert a planetary catastrophe:

Russian Sailors “Averted Planetary Catastrophe” During Nuclear Submarine Accident

As noted in the article, the Russian government is not saying exactly what the nature of that “planetary catastrophe” was, nor is it forthcoming about the mission the submarine was conducting. We’ll get back to that.

Shortly after this, the Russian government admitted that Defense Minister Shoigu had actually traveled to the far eastern base, and confirmed that the submarine experienced a catastrophic fire. Notably, the following article lists the names of the lost crew members, most of whom, it is to be noted, were officers and indeed captains.

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