Brave Mom Changes Mind Mid-Abortion, Saves Twins With Help of Quick Thinking Pro-Lifer

Brave Mom Changes Mind Mid-Abortion, Saves Twins With Help of Quick Thinking Pro-Lifer By  for Faith Wire

A woman who decided to terminate her baby at six weeks experienced a remarkable change of heart mid-way through the abortion process after finding out she was carrying twins.

“Alexis” told Pregnancy Help News that she visited a Charlotte, N.C., abortion clinic after discovering that she was with child. But as she was undergoing an ultrasound, the technician uttered two words that completely changed the course of her life.

“Oh—twins,” said the health professional. The reality of the situation suddenly hit Alexis like a freight train — she had always dreamed of having twins. Could she really destroy these little lives after all? In a daze, she was handed the first pill designed to chemically induce an abortion.

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The heartbroken expectant mother stumbled out of the clinic, before the words of a counsellor located outside the doors offered her a new lease of hope.

“It might not be too late for you,” she said, mentioning a medication that can reverse the effects of the first abortion pill. We “can still help you save your baby,” she added.

After returning to her car, Alexis immediately got on the phone and phoned a pregnancy help center that offered the treatment. “We got her started on the abortion pill reversal treatment extremely fast,” said Courtney Parks, an abortion pill reversal coordinator at the HELP Pregnancy Center. “It was a matter of hours.”

Incredibly, Alexis just made the window to take the medication, which nullifies the effect of the first abortive drug. After undergoing the preventative treatment, the distraught young woman headed to the center for a full ultrasound — an experience that Parks said was staggeringly emotional for everyone as they found out whether the babies had survived.

“They were tiny, little babies and they had beautiful, little heartbeats,” Parks explained. “I just remember sitting with her in that ultrasound room and her crying, and just hoping that this would work for her so that she could save her babies.”

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