The Book of Romans: The Anatomy of Faith (Podcast)

The Book of Romans: The Anatomy of Faith Podcast by Pastor JD Greear for Summit Church

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How many of you enjoyed high school biology class?

It seemed like, when I was growing up, one of the rites of passage was that day in middle school biology when you got to do your first dissection–so many things in the world looked different to me after that–before it had just been this plain old frog jumping around; after that it was this complex organism with all these interworking parts.

● I heard that if you went to the expensive private school you got to do the fetal pig.
● One of our pastors told me he got to do a cat, no lie. And he was able to confirm to me that the cat has no soul. No heart. Nothing in there but pure evil. Well, Romans 4 is Paul’s dissection of ‘faith.’ Throughout the whole book he’s talked a lot about how crucial faith is for salvation:
● 1:16, “…(the gospel) is the power of God to everyone that believes…
● 3:22, …the righteousness of God is through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe… But what is that faith, exactly? Different kinds of Christians will give you different answers.

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● If you ask a Roman Catholic, a professor at Duke Divinity, and Billy Graham what Paul means when he says “the righteousness of God

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