The Art of Concealed Carry and Situational Awareness

The Art of Concealed Carry and Situational Awareness by DownStreamFly for Concealed Carry Today

Depending on where you live, no doubt on any or every given morning you can wake to the doldrums of newscast reporting on the crimes against everyday people that have taken place in the last few hours.

They run the gamut with 5-10 second blurbs about a deadly assault, robbery, rape, and murder at such a pace that not only are we (purposely) constantly desensitized to the plight of others and the state of affairs around us, we are also somewhat unknowingly reduced to a quick reaction to match the quick reporting.

Leaving most of us with a response something like “Those poor people”, or “Isn’t that sad”.

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But how we react and view these types of stories can and should be used as a training tool for our minds and our families as well. I am blessed with a large family, married and 4 children of various ages. I never, ever, want to see any of them victimized, and I never want to be a victim myself, for many obvious reasons, but the one reason that many of us do not consider is at the top of my list. If I am a victim, it either limits or ends my capacity to serve and protect my family.

Before going any further I want to be clear that everything from this point on does not mean that I am insensitive to the plight of others, it simply means that I have chosen to go beyond the human emotion of a news story and look for ways to apply it to the lives of my circle of influence for the greater good.

So let’s get into it……….

Are you aware?

You’re on the way home from work and need to pick up something from the store. You whip into the place of business, run into the store at breakneck speed,  find your item, proceed to the cashier to wait in line while staring at your cell phone screen checking texts or updating your facebook status, pay for your item, rush to the car and back into traffic.

This is normal everyday life for millions of people, and it takes place all day every day over most of the civilized world. But in that 5-10 minute stop, how many people did you pass or even come close enough to brush shoulders with? How many different actions did you go through while being completely oblivious to what was going on around you?

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