BP This Week: The Danger of the Equality Act (Podcast)

BP This Week: The Danger of the Equality Act Podcast by John Stonestreet for Break Point

Every day on the BreakPoint podcast, we help you connect the dots. Join host John Stonestreet for a daily dose of sanity—a fearless exploration of the truth, for a community of listeners who want to be a part of God’s restoration of all things.

John Stonestreet and Warren Smith discuss the dangers of the Equality Act, which would extend the federal level protections of Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include sexual orientation and gender identity. Meaning that these would now be on the same protected level as race and religion. As Warren and John observe, this would be a grave threat to religious freedom, as it would equate those who want to defend traditional sexual morality with the likes of the KKK and white supremacists. It’s particularly alarming that the U. S. Chamber of Commerce is endorsing the act, which, as John says, could be a “game changer.”

Please, if you own a business, let the U.S. Chamber of Commerce know your objections. We have talking points for you in our resource section.

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