THE HIT LIST OF DOCTORS by Dr Joseph P Farrell for Giza Death Star

GNN Note – The ongoing murder, I’m sorry “mysterious deaths”, of holistic doctors, doctors that have proven cancer can be cured and, in general, doctors that are treating the body as a Temple of God and healing the problems created by our current environment, have been dying for the past several years. Erin Elizabeth, Health Nut News, has done an outstanding job of documenting the nearly 100 doctors that have died over the past several years. Some of the situations have been nothing short of bizarre.


When I saw this article that was passed along by Mr. R.M., I knew instantly that I would be blogging about it. And my reasons for doing so are quite simple. The strange case of mysteriously dead doctors has been one of those topics I’ve tried to follow on this website over the years, along with the case of the mysteriously dead bankers. Both stories have all the smell of “too much coincidence” to them, and in both cases there are clear indicators of foul play in some instances: this doctor is found dead in a pond far away from his home or normal venues; that banker decides to jump out of a tall building onto an iron fence with spikes or to drive home from work, park his car in the driveway, and then shoot himself.

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What’s interesting is to compare the two lists and the potential motivations behind them. I have always suspected that in the case of the strangely “Arkancided” banksters, their “inconvenience to power”  stemmed from the high probability that they “knew something”, or had “figured out something” of major inconvenience to the fraud and outright theft of the current financial system with its megabanks that are too big to fail and too big to jail. And given that many of these Arkancided bankers were from a small handful of corporations, another possibility for their Arkanciding was to prevent them from comparing their “inconvenient to power” notes.

With the doctors, a rather different subset of motives appears to be in play, and moreover, two distinct classes of victims also appear. On the one hand, many victims fall into the category of “natural doctors”, i.e., physicians whom the conventional medical community would shun or not even acknowledge as “real doctors” for whatever reason: their emphasis on nutrition, or on therapies the “orthodox” community would deem fraudulent or at best suspect. Then, within the “orthodox” community there have been a series of mysterious deaths of doctors who have questioned “the narrative” at some point, either with respect to the safety (or ingredients of) vaccines, the evidence or lack thereof for that safety, the vaccine-autism link, or the whole tendency to “find a pill for everything”.  But in both categories of physicians, the motivation appears to be one of silencing any dissent. They have become “inconvenient to power” in a different way; they are inconvenient to the narrative. One cannot tolerate dissenting facts, voices, theories, interpretations.

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