DNA contamination in COVID jabs could explain rise in cancers, clots and autoimmune diseases

DNA contamination in COVID jabs could explain rise in cancers, clots and autoimmune diseases by for Ingredients

Commenting on the recent discovery of DNA fragments inside Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccine” vials, anatomic clinical pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole revealed to “American Thought Leaders” that these contaminants could be related to the increases in cancer, micro-clotting and autoimmune disease among the fully vaccinated.

“My big concern is the fact that billions of people across the earth have received a product that was overtly contaminated with something that should not have been in the product,” Dr. Cole explained. “If I went and bought some meat at the grocery store and they had heavy metal or pesticide toxins, they would pull those from the shelves immediately.”

Dr. Cole referenced new research looking at Pfizer’s COVID jab vials, which were found to contain molecules derived from Simian Virus 40 (SV40), a known cancer promoter.

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These SV40 molecules appear to have been inserted into the vials as “promoters” or “enhancers” to enhance the effect of mRNA molecules in causing human cells to make proteins to trigger an immune response inside the body.

(Related: Last December, Dr. Cole spoke with Dr. Drew of “Ask Dr. Drew” about how COVID jabs cause lymphocytes in the body to “chew a hole in the aorta.”)

COVID jab-related “turbo cancers” spreading across 44 countries

While SV40 itself was not found inside Pfizer’s vials, certain derivatives of it were. This is a problem not only because the ingredient is not properly labeled as being present, but also because SV40 was used in the earliest polio vaccines, causing some recipients to later develop cancer.

According to Dr. Cole, the presence of these SV40 components is a problem because of the health risks involved. A “concerning” nuclear co-localization sequence, he explained, “allows it to get into the nucleus of the cell and to induce these different pathways of action and mechanisms that can, again, go haywire, mutate, cause toxicity.”

Molecular virologist David Speicher is credited with discovering the SV40 enhancers inside COVID jabs. He told reporters in a recent interview that this DNA contamination needs to be investigated, which we also know to be important due to the sudden rise in “turbo cancers” ever since the jabs were unleashed.

Cancer registry records from 44 countries show a marked rise in early-onset cancers of 14 different types, including colorectal, breast, esophageal, gastric and pancreatic. These turbo cancers are said to be most prominently occurring in younger people.

“Now I’m seeing the solid tissue cancers at rates I’ve never seen,” Dr. Cole explained. “Patients that were stable, or cancer-free for one, two, five, 10 years and their cancer’s back – it’s back with a vengeance and it’s not responding to the traditional therapies.”

While Dr. Cole admits that the turbo cancer phenomenon is still largely a mystery, all things considered, he does believe that it is tied to immune system suppression, which we know is an adverse effect associated with COVID injections.

“It’s not necessarily that the gene sequence is causing cancer with the gene sequence … it can cause some of the mutations that lead to cancers – but what it’s also doing it’s suppressing the immune system,” he further added.

“And your immune system is what kills cancer. And if your immune system is asleep, your killer cells can’t be activated.”

Separate research conducted by microbiologist Kevin McKernan, who contributed to MIT’s Human Genome Project, found that the amount of contaminating DNA found in COVID jabs is anywhere from 18 to 70 times higher than established public health agency limits allow.

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