Can reishi mushrooms help prevent cancer and other life-threatening diseases?

Can reishi mushrooms help prevent cancer and other life-threatening diseases? by:  for Natural News

Your body will be better prepared for the onset of serious diseases if you eat reishi mushrooms. The superfood gets your immune system to release more of the specialized cells that target the pathogens responsible for cancer, human immunodeficiency, and hepatitis B, among other diseases.

Multiple studies indicate that mushroom extracts can inhibit the growth of tumorous cells. This reduces the risk of cancer, which in turn extends the life of a person.

Other studies report that these cellular and molecular responses also apply to many other diseases. Reishi mushroom extracts can block the human immunodeficiency virus, hepatitis B virus, and other infectious microbes from compromising the health of the targeted organs.

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The edible mushroom contains a wide selection of bio-active molecules. Each molecule activates a specific part of the immune system in a unique way. The sum of these individual interactions cements the Reishi mushroom’s status as a powerful, protective superfood.

Reishi restores the efficiency lost by the immune system as the human body grows older. It increases the activity of white blood cells and other protective cells, while simultaneously stopping harmful cellular activities that cause aging and ailments.

Furthermore, it increases the efficiency with which cells produce and transfer energy. Active immune cells use a lot of energy, so increasing cellular metabolism ensures they will not run out of gas in the course of protecting the body from disease.

Image: Can reishi mushrooms help prevent cancer and other life-threatening diseases?

Reishi mushroom, the cancer-fighting superfood

The anticancer properties of Reishi mushrooms have been covered by many scientific studies. The findings from these tests show that the superfood stops cancer by getting immune cells to eliminate cancerous cells before enough of them accumulate into a full-fledged tumor.

These tests identify the spleen and thymus as the likeliest organs that get a boost from the mushroom. These two organs produce large amounts of protective cells that actively hunt down and destroy cancerous cells.

Even patients who have already been diagnosed with cancerous tumors before consuming Reishi extract are shown to benefit from the superfood. The biomolecules in the mushroom help prevent the tumors from growing bigger or spreading to healthy cells.

The ability of Reishi mushrooms to stop the proliferation of infectious agents is not just limited to cancer cells. Both laboratory experiments and animal studies show that it also works on even smaller microorganisms such as disease-causing viruses.

Taking Reishi extract stops these viral diseases from compromising your health

Animal studies show that Reishi mushroom extracts can greatly diminish the amount of active viral particles in primates with the simian version of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Furthermore, its bioactive compounds can stop the activation of enzymes associated with the proliferation of HIV.

Likewise, trace elements in the extracts can help take out influenza viruses. Taking Reishi mushrooms can also alleviate the symptoms of flu, as well as the complications associated with the disease.

The mushroom extract can also prevent the proliferation of two different herpes viruses and their associated diseases. Herpes simplex is responsible for cold sores and genital herpes, while Herpes zoster causes shingles. Both of these viruses can be taken out by protective cells sent by the immune system, which get mobilized by the bio-molecules in Reishi.

Reishi also stops the Hepatitis B virus from replicating itself in infected liver cells. This limits the spread of the infection and halts the development of liver disorders and diseases associated with the virus.

You can get the health benefits of Reishi by taking either an extract or a supplement. Make sure to get it from a trusted source.

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