Future of Abortion In Tennessee

Future of Abortion In Tennessee by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

‘Fetal heartbeat bill’ advances as Republicans stand up for Life as the Democrats continue to do their own thing.

The House Health Committee consisting of 15 Republicans and 4 Democrats easily moved through this vote.

“This is an issue that has been on my heart my whole life,” said Rep. Micah Van Huss, a Republican sponsoring the bill, during Tuesday’s hearing. “I aim to save babies lives.”

Republicans on the House Health Committee voted 15-4 to send the legislation to the House floor for a full vote, sparking heavy applause from supporters. Only Democratic members voted in opposition. While the bill still has to clear the House floor and the Senate, the bill is expected to win support from Republicans. Furthermore, first-term Gov. Bill Lee has promised his support if the bill reaches his desk. Source

What these satanic globalist continually overlook is the obvious fact that they are, literally, aborting themselves out of the conversation. As we recently pointed out in one generation, which is approximately 20 years, the balance of conservatives / liberals shifts dramatically as liberals abort pregnancies and conservatives continue having families. As the satanic globalist vote to continue killing innocent children, conservatives continue having children and will be the last ones standing. If you abort yourself from the conversation you do it to yourself. We, the conservative voices, don’t have to do anything except continue praying for you, the children you kill and ask God to have mercy on your soul.

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“I have three girls. I’ve raised them to be independent so no boy tells them what to do. Well, except for me,” said Democratic Rep. Darren Jernigan. “But I’ve also said they’re in control of their bodies and it bothers me the government would tell them what to do and it bothers me the bill is likely unconstitutional.”

When asked if it would be acceptable for a 15-year-old student who was raped by her coach to be barred from having an abortion if she was past the six-week viability marker because a fetus’s heartbeat was detected, Van Huss simply said ‘yes.’ Source

The hypocrisy is on display right there. Darren Jernigan states, himself, he has the right to tell his three daughters what to do and what not to do but somehow if someone wishes to discuss spiritual issues, communal issues and health issues with his daughters is somehow unacceptable.

As a Tennessean we are grateful that sanity prevailed and continue to pray that God will show mercy on all those involved in this issue.

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