Conservative Voices Continue Growing As Liberals Abort Themselves From The Conservation

Conservative Voices Continue Growing As Liberals Abort Themselves From The Conservation by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

Dr. Turley provides further proof for our unfolding thesis that the entire conservative / populist uprising stands on a foundation of Christianity. Without people coming back to Jesus Christ there would be no populist uprising.

This is further supported by two undeniable facts that Dr. Turley explains below. First, the muslim birth rate has plunged over the last few decades and, according to Dr. Turley, this is significant to the overall conservative / liberal landscape as the jihadist simply do not reproduce. Second, as I pointed out in an earlier commentary, the globalist, inner-city liberals are in fact aborting, or simply not reproducing, themselves. If you don’t have children, or you abort a pregnancy, well, you can see how this could become a problem in a very short period of time.

Within one generation the current 30% differential between conservative Christians having children and globalist inner-city liberals abandoning the idea of family or simply aborting babies creates a great divide in how a community matures. In an evenly divided community of 50/50 conservative/liberal, the pendulum swings in favor of the Christian conservatives to a 60/40 conservative/liberal and the globalist inner-city liberals are overwhelmed. Within two generations, or about 50 years, the globalist inner-city liberals no longer have a voice at all based on their self induced dwindling numbers. The ratio jumps to 75/25 conservative/liberal divide and the liberals are of no consequence at all.  No procreation, no voice.

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We would like to encourage the globalist inner-city liberals to continue down the path they have chosen in order for our world to return to sanity a lot sooner than later. Think in terms of Cortez’s voice not having a platform or it being so insignificant that no one cares. The quicker this natural manifestation occurs the better off our world will be.

The sad part is the puppet-masters that dwell in the 0.001% of our society. The people that control the media, own all the important land and make all the truly important policy decisions are the ones that, currently, decide the direction our nation, and in fact our world, will move. If you don’t believe me simply look at the past 15 weeks and what has been happening in France. The French government, lead by satanic globalist Macron, refuses to listen to the majority of the people. If they are not the majority their numbers are significant enough to warrant a realistic conversation. Unfortunately, the French government, and Macron himself, have not only refused to open the dialogue, they have in fact ordered the police to fire non-lethal ammo on their own people. Nothing says we care about the people like ordering the police fire upon their friends, family and neighbors.

This is how globalist liberal movements die. Real people, with real concerns rise up and wheel the guillotine back to the public square. I am not advocating for violence in any way, I am merely pointing out 2,000+ years of history. The people will only take so much and as we can we see, the globalist liberals are ill-equipped to fight in a real battle. Once the globalist liberals lose their “front line” offensive, they will have aborted anyone to take their place.

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