Charlie Daniels: Many in America Have Fallen for ‘Big Lie’ of Socialism

Charlie Daniels: Many in America Have Fallen for ‘Big Lie’ of Socialism by Charlie Daniels for CNS News

There is a most alarming thing going on in America – a slimy, poisonous lie that must hide in the darkness of misconceptions, the fog of deceit and misrepresentation to exist. It can never be exposed to the light of full disclosure and total truth or it would be suffocated by the knowledge of its history and catastrophic ramifications.

Due to the failure of our educational system, a media that no longer leans to the left but has completely lost its footing and fully fallen head over heels in that direction, our ignoring the old adage “learn from history or be doomed to repeat it,” and the apostasy so prevalent in today’s society, millennium America and the old red contingency of our population have fallen for the “big lie.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders kick-started the new fascination with socialism in the 2016 election when he built his presidential hopes on openly embracing a system that has been destroying societies and governments for a century.

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Sanders promised free college, health care for all, free this, free that, with the government picking up the tab and providing the funds for this federal largesse by “taxing the wealthy,” an old worn out liberal slogan that never covers the catastrophic short falls of cash, and if seen through to its logical conclusion, turns from tax to confiscate.

Well, Sanders drew a lot of attention, but he never had a chance at the nomination, just another casualty of the Clinton political machine.

But Sanders is back, well-funded, and more determined than ever, except now, some of the new gaggle of Democrats who are dipping their toes in the waters make Bernie Sanders almost look like a staunch conservative by comparison.

The promises the current class of Democrat contenders are making are ridiculous and unkeepable.

The “Green New Deal” alone would bankrupt this nation, do irreparable damage to foreign policy, put America in an untenable security position, wiping out whole segments of the economy in one fell swoop, shrinking our military, stifling commerce and reducing the dollar to a worthless piece of paper.

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