Categories Of Prepping & Preparedness – Start With These

Categories Of Prepping & Preparedness – Start With These by for Modern Survival Blog

The following list of survival & preparedness category groups are intended to encompass higher level tiers from which we could drill down into more detail.

One effective method for deciding upon preparedness supplies is to think about each of the groups or topics first, and then focus on sub-categories within each.

It’s often best to start by thinking broadly – and then narrow down to specifics.

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From a higher level standpoint, I might sub-categorize prepping & preparedness as follows. In fact this is how I am slowly re-structuring this website into logical high-level categories – of which I’ve already written so many articles over the years 😉

Survival Gear
Food & Kitchen
Skills & How-to


You might take ‘Survival Gear’ and break it down further into sub categories of water, fire, cutting, cordage, shelter. ( The 5 C’s of survival ) is a great place to start… You might then include topics such as First Aid, navigation, radios, packs & bags, and LOTS of other potential sub-categories of ‘gear’. Get the idea?


This might be broken down further into canned foods, dehydrated, freeze-dried, storage & methods, preserving foods, cooking, canning, milling, and whatever else floats your boat in that category…


Security sub-categorizes into personal security, home security, firearms, EDC, and others. Each of those will easily break down into other important subsets.


This can be vastly broad. But first focus on knowing how to deal with the basics of survival. How to make a fire. To acquire and purify water. How to apply security for yourself, your household. Just remember that it’s one thing to have ‘the stuff’ while it’s another to know how to apply it. This category is immensely important!


Lifestyle gets into going beyond just having backups. Rather it relates to the ability of renewing your supplies, your ability to live in a more self sufficient manner, living more of a self reliant lifestyle. This would include alternative energy, raising livestock, gardening, and anything else related to a lifestyle of preparedness.

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