The Time for Harvest Is Now (Podcast)

The Time for Harvest Is Now Podcast – Modern Christian Men

Jay Lowder is a dynamic communicator whose contemporary style enables him to connect with adults and students alike. Called to full-time evangelism in 1989,Lowder is the founder of Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries, an organization dedicated to reaching diverse groups of people with the message of Jesus Christ. Through his ministry, Lowder travels the globe to football stadiums,schools, churches and even under shade trees in Africa to provide a message of hope to the hurting.

Drawing from personal experience, Lowder is committed to reach those who struggle in everyday life. At a young age, Lowder turned away from God and headed towards a life of destruction, eventually reasoning that his life was no longer worth living. One fateful day, Lowder considered suicide with a pistol at his temple; however, his attempt came to an abrupt halt when his roommate unexpectedly walked through the door.

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