Corporate Media Seems to Have Overlooked The 650,000 People…

Corporate Media Seems to Have Overlooked The 650,000 People…at the March for Life 2019 by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

Seems a little odd this image has not shown up anywhere on TV or been discussed on corporate radio. My “counter” doesn’t go up to 650,000, and I don’t have time to start counting the people in the image below. So, I can’t say with confidence that 650,000 is the actual number. What I can say is – WOW! That’s a lot of people in Washington DC the corporate media somehow overlooked and failed, again, to report.

The past few days have been proof positive the corporate media is the enemy of the people – from the Buzzfeed story (lies), the lack of honest coverage of the March for Life and dishonest coverage of the Women’s March and the latest disgraceful, hateful coverage of the Covington Catholic High School story involving Nick Sandmann. These are merely the latest attempts by corporate media to sway public thought and conversation. They are failing miserably. #thegreatawakening

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