The First Word In 400 Years Might Be An Important Word

The First Word In 400 Years Might Be An Important Word by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

Are you familiar with the idea what Biblical scholars call the 400 years that God was silent?

Well, according to people a lot smarter than me, God didn’t have anything to say to humanity. No prophets, no teachers, no rabbis, no one of prominence speaking to, or with, us regarding the Word of God.

Are you familiar with the first Words in the New Covenant, the New Testament in Matthew 1 verse 1?

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The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham. Matthew 1:1 KJB

On the surface it’s not a very impressive first inspired Word of God after a 400 year absence. The next 14 versus’ list all the generations of Jesus Christ and then in verse 16 it is confirmed, this list of family is the foundation upon which Joseph’s life is built.

and Jacob begat Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ. Matthew 1:16 KJB

We then find that all the generations listed total 42. Once again, on the surface, not a big deal, until we compare it to our own list of family / generations. Not what some scam like 23 and me or sales us, but actual, family history. The flesh and bones, conversations, living history that was shared in life.

Do you have a good relationship with your dad and mom? What about all 4 of your grandparents? What about all 4 great-grandparents? What about all 4 great-great-grandparents? Can you go further; can you go back this short distance in your personal family history?

The further back in history we look the further into the future we can see. If we look back 42 generations we would see an amazing foundation to build our lives upon, exactly like Joseph, Mary and Jesus Christ.

Since we don’t have this foundation to stand upon, we begin to build our on foundation. Sometimes, on rare occasions, we are successful. Unfortunately, the vast majority are not successful, for a very simple reason… we believe the lies that we hear in our heads.

We hear lies, we accept them and then we act upon them. The Gospel of Matthew makes Christ Identity very clear. It is one of the overarching themes of the first few chapters. Our identity must come from Jesus Christ, the same as Christ’ Identity came directly from God.

Christ gets His identity from God in chapter 1, chapter 3 and chapter 4. It is very, very clear.

From where are you getting your identity? The world, your profession, your school, the neighborhood you live in… the lies in your head?

Are you chosen by Jesus Christ to be His child? Are you 100% sure, in your heart, you are going to heaven? Are you 100% sure, in your heart, that Jesus Christ abides in you and you abide in Him?

If you are not 100% sure about these questions you are susceptible to the lies of the devil. The devil will chose you the same as Christ will chose you. The devil will be happy to have you give him your identity so that he may give you a different identity that makes you captive to his ways instead of being a bondservant to Jesus Christ. You will serve one or the other – the choice is yours.

Who lives forever? The spirit within us. The spirit that is who we are at our core will live forever. We can live forever in heaven or we can live forever in Haitis. The time to choose is today, right now. The choice needs to clear and done in love in our heart. Our heart is the only thing that matters, what is our motive?

God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost (Spirit) have always been here, All Three are here now and All Three will be here forever and ever. The devil and all his minions will be here for a time to come. There time is limited. If your choice is one that it doesn’t matter, please keep that in mind. The losing teams’ time is limited and will be ending soon. The Victory is already won and the devil and his minions will actually read the memo in the near future.

It begins with knowing where we come from. The foundation which we stand upon, or lack of foundation, sets our lives in motion. We can either begin listening to the Truth and believing in our heart that Jesus Christ is Lord of All or we can listen to the lies.

Part of an ongoing study of the movie, Nefarious.

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