Kayleigh McEnany – ‘Living Through Chaos By Leaning on Christ’

Kayleigh McEnany – ‘Living Through Chaos By Leaning on Christ’ By Elizabeth Delaney for Western Journal

To say that Kayleigh McEnany has had to navigate some turbulent political times would be an understatement.

The former White House press secretary under former President Donald Trump has pretty much gone through everything the wild, dark and stormy world of politics can offer during her career.

Truly she needed something supernatural to get her through the crazy times she encountered as a part of the White House staff during the years of COVID-19 lockdowns, which was a time when American freedoms were plundered and from which it still has not fully recovered.

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Then there was the election chaos of 2020, which has left many questioning the integrity of any future American elections.

Through that all, McEnany has come out of it the other side as a powerful voice in conservative circles.

In fact, her voice has been so powerful, McEnany announced that she has written a book designed to offer hope to the many Americans who are feeling disheartened and wondering if there is any hope for the future of America. This will be her third book.

McEnany posted a tweet about the upcoming release of her latest book, “Serenity in the Storm: Living through Chaos by Leaning on Christ”

The book will release on May 2nd, according to Amazon.

She also posted a video in which she gave a teaser explaining what the book is about.

“Because we are living through chaos. Isn’t that true?” she asked.


“So the whole theme of the book is, is it has been a chaotic two years,” McEnany began. “I mean, look at what Joe Biden has done from Afghanistan; it’s not all about him. This is bigger than any president. Afghanistan, Ukraine, everything going on.

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