The Republican Rebels Are Doing Exactly What Republicans Are Designed to Do

The Republican Rebels Are Doing Exactly What Republicans Are Designed to Do By Brandon Morse for Red State

Many are frustrated over the failure of the Republican Party to choose a speaker, though Texas Rep. Chip Roy was likely more on the money when he noted that the only people considering this a crisis were those who stand to profit from making one out of it.

The government shutdown for a bit never made anyone but politicians and the press panic.

Still, the Republican Party’s stalemate is, according to some onlookers, embarrassing. Those who want Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy in the role of Speaker of the House are sure to make it seem like this is a dire situation. You’ve got accusations from supporters like Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw that those opposed to McCarthy are “terrorists.” Sean Hannity was too busy trying to make Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert look like a fool to conduct a legitimate interview with her. Even Trump got into the mix and told those who followed his lead to drop the rebellion and put the gavel in McCarthy’s hands.

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On top of that, you have the Democrats laughing at the Republican Party for being so disorganized and fraught with infighting that they can’t even put their own people in power when they actually have it.

That’s certainly all a way to look at what’s happening…if you’re the dramatic sort or you at least profit off of drama.

The truth is, the Republican Party is acting exactly how it should right now. What we’re seeing is representatives representing the will of the people who elected them. These people do not want McCarthy as Speaker and, as such, the politicians are holding McCarthy back. They were elected for their positions and views on conservatism, and they’re practicing it now.

It might be frustrating, but that’s the way our government was supposed to work.

Moreover, the Democrats can laugh all they want but if anything, the Democrats are sneering at true individualism. The Republican Party, at its core, is composed of people who are said to value independence, and freedom, and hold facts and debate above lockstep hive mentalities. So let the Democrats laugh. No Republican should feel shame for having independent thought or reinforcing values by not just going along with whatever the majority of one’s colleagues say. That was never a Republican principle.

Think about it this way. How much did Republicans appreciate Joe Manchin when he wasn’t falling in with the Democrat hivemind? We thought he exhibited something Democrats lacked, a will of his own. Given, he eventually became one of them anyway, but at that moment he really was respected among the right for his willingness to defy the radicals.

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