A Major Scientific Study Confirms (What We All Knew): Men ARE Different than Women

A Major Scientific Study Confirms (What We All Knew): Men ARE Different than Women by Dr Michael Brown for Ask Dr Brown

Every so often, a moment of sanity prevails in our culture, quite unintentionally.

At such times, reality hits home, and most people don’t even notice it. But that’s exactly what happened with the announcement of the findings of a major scientific study.

For a split second, reality overtook ideology, as left-leaning journalists shared the results of this study without thinking through the implications.

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I’m referring to the news, first reported widely on Fortune.com that, “Women are more empathetic than men, study of hundreds of thousands of people finds—at any age and in any country in the world.”

In response I tweeted sarcastically, “A major new study has revealed that ‘women are more empathetic than men.’ This leads to two startling revelations: 1) there is such a thing as women and men.  2) there are real differences between women and men. What do you know!”

Yes, presupposed in this major international study, which involved 300,000 participants, is the fact that there is such a thing as males and females.

They really exist, and their existence can be defined, despite efforts to make “woman” (and, by extension) “man” undefinable. (Think of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s now infamous answer to the “What is a woman?” question, and see Matt Walsh’s “What Is a Woman?documentary.)

Without this presupposition, namely, that there is such a thing as women and men, the study would have no meaning. In fact, it would be impossible even to conduct the study. Otherwise, all we would have is the difference between humans and humans. That’s it!

We could not report on differences between women and men, since sex and gender are merely what we perceive them to be. Instead, we would have differences between humans, and the results would be, “On average, certain humans are more empathetic than other humans.”

It would be like doing a major survey comparing the health of taller people (let’s say people 6 feet tall or more) to shorter people (here, under 6 feet tall). The only way it could work would be if height was definable and tangible. But if my height was whatever I perceived it to be, so much for the study. I would have no meaning or purpose at all.

It’s the same with differences between the sexes. If sex (and, consequently, gender) is whatever I perceive it to be, then scientific studies like this are worthless. After all, if I’m a biological male who identifies as a female, then I have undermined the whole premise of the study.

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